The young American, or, Book of government and law, showing their history, nature, and necessity: for the use of schools

The purpose of this book is to make the nature, origin, and principles of government, and especially of our own, accessible to all, and if possible, familiar to our youth. I have written it for a home book, and a school book, hoping that, until a better one is furnished, it may be deemed worthy of introduction into our seminaries, where the mass of our people begin and finish their education.

What right have we—parents, guardians, teachers, citizens—to set the seal of darkness, of ignorance, upon the minds of children, in respect to this great subject, either by withholding or interdicting the means of light, in those institutions, where alone most of them can obtain it.

With these brief suggestions, I commit this humble work to the charity of the public, remarking, that in its preparation—being aware of the delicate task I have undertaken—I have earnestly sought not to write a line 02 sentence, with a view to party effect. I have endeavored not to cast a favoring hue or a disparaging shade upon either side of controverted questions. That I have wholly escaped error, real or apparent, is not to be hoped. If anything wrong is discovered, I shall esteem it a favor on the part of anyone who will point it out to me, and I pledge myself to give it due consideration if this work shall ever come to a second edition.

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