Common Law Court Handbook

The purpose of this “Common Law Handbook” is to assist people in the courtroom by arming them with the information needed, off the fly. This Handbook puts at your fingertips the Rules of Common Law, Supreme Court Rulings, US Codes, founding documents, and founding fathers quotes to assist you in defending your jurisdiction and right of due process.

Remember when you enter the court the Judge and BAR Attorneys, knowingly or not, have hi-jacked you into an unconstitutional repugnant “civil-law court.” Therefore, it is up to you to defend and put on the record that you opened a “Court of Record” that operates under the “Common Law” and the “Rules of Common Law,” in other words the “Law of the Land!” The practice of Law is an unalienable right whereas, they claim that you cannot practice “CIVIL LAW” in their courts, but remember you opened a “Common Law Court” and you are not practicing Law in their “civil law court. Additionally there is no such thing as a “license” to practice law and it is NOT their court it is We the People’s Court! (Their BAR card is not a license)

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