Army of Light Update April 4, 2024

This week’s update includes (1) coverage of the foreclosure sale of fellow Patriot Kat Espinda’s home after a year-long fight to save her home from mortgage fraud and (2) information about an upcoming rally at Veteran’s Park in Operation Corrupt Colorado. Action items for the week included taking the Common Law Academy Course, joining the Army of Light and promoting the news on your social media accounts.





We aired our first live broadcast with REAL NEWS! Because we the people are the news now!

Kat Espinda, a friend, colleague and fellow Patriot has fought for nearly a year to save her home from mortgage fraud. Please watch our show where crimes by the auctioneer and bidders are unveiled live on camera. Turns out this Sheriff’s sale was no Sheriff’s sale at all, as the Sheriff himself and his deputy knew nothing of this foreclosure and auction. #bywhatauthority #operationrestoration


Operation Corrupt Colorado is holding a rally in the Veterans Park across the street from the State Capital in downtown Denver. Join us on Tuesday April 9, at 9:30 a.m. to protest.

There will be an amazing lineup of speakers including Joe Oltman, Ann Vandersteel, Jason Sisneros, Maureen Steele, Kaysha Richardson and John Sarina. We will be serving The Bomgaars Petition, a 5000 page redress of grievances which includes the weaponization of covid along with evidence of the aerosolization mechanization that was commissioned by Trudeau and Biden to spread the infection far and wide.

It will also prominently feature the crimes against Tina Peters and the weaponization of the courts against her for doing her duty and her job along with the egregious crimes of Arapahoe County Court against John Sarina. Come and support the victims and expose the wrongdoers while demanding change and putting them on notice that WE SEE YOU, WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WE CERTAINLY KNOW WHO WE ARE!

If you can’t be there in person, there will be a live stream on Pete Santilli rumble channel!




Be the change you want to see in the world! The best way to do that right now is to organize your counties, educate yourselves and encourage others to do the same!

Go to The Common Law Academy and get to learning who you are so you can know who THEY are! We cannot change what we do not acknowledge!


Register with the Army of light. By doing so, we will connect you to group leaders in your state who will be reaching out to you through their personal email address with TPOR in the subject line.


Forward our social media postings to your personal social media accounts and promote and spread the word.

Help build the Army of Light!


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