Marching Orders

“Putting pen to paper lights more fire than matches ever will.” — Malcolm Forbes

Army of LIght News

We Are Making a Difference

We are excited to share what members of The Army of Light have been up to.  Check back often as this page will be updated on a regular basis. 

Weekly Update 4-15-24

This weekly report includes the Denver Rally where they served the Bomgaars Petition to Senator Mark Baisley, an introduction to the "Whisper Campaign", a call to action in AZ, ME and MT, a call to stay home from work on May 1 an announcement of a new weekly podcast called "Fundamental Changes" by Maureen Steele starting April 16. ARMY OF LIGHT UPDATE APRIL 15, 2024FIRST UP: DENVER, COLORADOOn Tuesday April 9, we...

Army of Light Update April 4, 2024

This week's update includes (1) coverage of the foreclosure sale of fellow Patriot Kat Espinda's home after a year-long fight to save her home from mortgage fraud and (2) information about an upcoming rally at Veteran's Park in Operation Corrupt Colorado. Action items for the week included taking the Common Law Academy Course, joining the Army of Light and promoting the news on your social media accounts.   HAPPENINGS DURING...

Army of LIght News

We Are Making a Difference

We are excited to share what members of The Army of Light have been up to.  Check back often as this page will be updated on a regular basis. 

MARCH 22, 2024

Please Read Our Important Update

We are so very grateful to see how many amazing Americans and others from every corner of our world are willing to get involved, step up, and fight for our countries, each other, our families, and the many generations to come. We look forward to moving forward with all of you amazing men and women.

We are here to walk beside you and guide you through this operation. The first step is to organize, organize, organize. It is imperative to set up your personal groups or PMA’s (Private Member Associations) as a hedge of protection and a way to work together in truth and sacred honor. If you joined your group through our website or asked to join a group, a member of our team will be reaching out soon to help facilitate that and connect people together in your counties and cities. Once your PMA is formed, decide what your collective objective is. Do you want to serve the school boards, the nurses and doctors who gave the jab, the town council, the governor, etc?  Outlining and defining your goals and objectives is paramount and necessary to start this process.

Then it is time to write it all down in a Private Membership Association.  The PMA paperwork and descriptive paperwork are on the site under The Peoples Operation Restoration tab. PLEASE do not start serving the paperwork until this is done properly and we have released the paperwork again to start serving.   

In the meantime, the third step is to learn. Please go to our education page and LEARN what has been kept from us for generations. Also, we highly recommend going to and registering for Common Law Academy. The classes are interesting and fun and NOT time-consuming. Education is power and these simple tutorials will ensure your knowledge regarding your rights in days to weeks. Knowing who you are grants the ability to know who THEY are.  

Before we release paperwork, you must have a basic understanding of Common Law and Trust Law.

Paperwork is being worked on by experts, perfected, and will be posted soon. Organize organize organize and may God bless you all!!!

February 28, 2024

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Are Served!

“We the People just witnessed as the entire Board of Supervisors in Maricopa county run out of the room and vacated their post!

And we served them anyway!!

We, the body sovereign presented them each with a notice of liability and opportunity to cure. The fine is $1.75 million per claim and there are 12 signatures which means they are each personally liable for $21 million.

If they do not resign in 3 days they will be presented with a Writ of Quo Warranto and a Waiver of Tort.

If they do not rebut these truths and they remain in office we will send them a default judgment and a final bill for payment. We will also be notifying the military and their act of treason will be grounds for an immediate military tribunal.

-Miki Klann

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We love to hear from those that have taken up the shield and stood up to the established, illegal governments. Share information about what’s happening with your group. 

If you have documents or videos to share, you can provide the information below. Once received, we will contact you if we have any questions or if we need more information.