The Founders’ Constitution

The Founders’ Constitution has proved since its publication in 1986 to be an invaluable aid to all those seeking a deeper understanding of one of our nation’s most important legal documents. In this unique anthology, Philip B. Kurland and Ralph Lerner draw on the writings of a wide array of people engaged in the problem […]


Taking America Back Again, One County at a Time TACTICAL CIVICS™ is We the People finally enforcing the magnificent Law that our forefathers left us. And unlike politics, TACTICAL CIVICS™ needs only half of 1% of the People to take responsibility. TACTICAL CIVICS™ teaches the sovereign/servant relationship stipulated in the United States Constitution. We The […]

Constitutional Law Group

Constitutional Law Group is a team of volunteer Patriots. We are here to educate and to afford you the blessing of being able to assist others by sharing the resources on our website. This is a place to study, learn, and share knowledge, wisdom, and procedure, among other things. Please go to the Education & […]