The Notary’s Manual Showing the Rights, Duties, and Liberties of Notaries

This book is a common law guide to notaries, and may so far be relied on everywhere in the country. Where it refers to specific statutes, as in the first chapter particularly, it exhibits the requirements of the notarial office in Michigan only, unless otherwise declared. It contains a collection of the more common forms […]

The Art of War

Sun Tzu’s insights are still relevant today, and his advice can be applied to a wide range of situations, from business negotiations to political campaigns. If you are looking for a book to help you succeed in any competitive position, then The Art of War is a must-read. It is a timeless classic that has something to […]

The Founders’ Constitution

The Founders’ Constitution has proved since its publication in 1986 to be an invaluable aid to all those seeking a deeper understanding of one of our nation’s most important legal documents. In this unique anthology, Philip B. Kurland and Ralph Lerner draw on the writings of a wide array of people engaged in the problem […]

A Law Dictionary: Revised Sixth Edition, 1856

Increase your basic understanding of law through the law dictionary and the definitions used in the Constitution and the laws throughout the United States of America. Download PDF File

Ancient Legal Maxims and Modern Human Rights

Until the middle of the nineteenth century books were still being published which appeared to regard the ancient maxims as central pillars of the  law.’ The teaching of the law was organized around them. They were cited reverentially in court. Since that time the maxims have steadily declined in importance. From guiding principles, they became interesting illustrations and […]

Downloadable Document and PDF Files

This page houses links to 55 downloadable Word and PDF files which will provide to be valuable resources when educating yourself on Common Law.   Page Link: Documents & PDF Files

Out with the Old Guard and In with the New!

Stay tuned and watch as we learn to walk in HONOR with these foreign corporations who are acting as our government. This NOT our government! This is an insurrection. That is why they are investing in hurting the people rather than protecting their rights. It’s time to peacefully assemble and form our own, private PMA […]

Court Access and the Common Law Course

An introduction course to Court Access and Common Law written & presented by John Darash. Topics include The Essentials, Pleadings, Cause of Action, Defenses, Motions, Memorandums of Law, Court Rules, Ready for Trial, Appeal/Enforcement/Writs, Case Examples, and NLA & COS Video Link